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ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting

General Information

What is new?

This page of the ISHPSSB 2007 meeting provides updated information about the conference. If you would like receiving periodical news about this conference, click the following link and fill the ISHPSSB 2017 news form, please.

At this page, information is presented in chronological order (from the most recent, on the top, news to the oldest one), with links to other relevant pages that provide additional details on each topic.

Submissions are now closed.

Acceptance of proposals will be informed on February 18, 2017.

2017 January 25th – Extension of the deadline for submissions of proposals of organized sessions (standar and diverse format) and individual papers (oral and poster)
submission of papers

2016 October 1st  to 2017 January 15th – open to submission of proposals of organized sessions (open and closed) and individual papers (oral and poster), at submission of papers

2016 October 1st all English version pages of the conference were launched

2016 August 1st – it is possible to submit proposals of open sessions, at the conference board

2016 June 23rd – updated deadlines

2016 March 30th – the first English version of the conference web site was launched

2015 July 8th – public announcement of the choice of Brazil for hosting the ISHPSSB 2017 meeting


ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting   
International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)   
Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia (ABFHiB)   
São Paulo, Brazil, 16 to 21 July, 2017   

São Paulo, Brazil
16 to 21 July, 2017

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