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ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting

Enjoy São Paulo

Restaurants and Cafés

Brazilian food is nice and cheap, as compared to Europe and North America. Click here to read more about foods in São Paulo and in Brazil.

São Paulo offers all kinds of international cuisine. It is possible to find special places with strong foreign cuisine influence, such as Mooca and Bexiga, central neighbrhoods originally occupied by Italian immigrants, and Liberdade, also a central neighborhood, occupied by the biggest Japanese community (and their descendence) out of Japan. Besides, special ethnic food is common in restaurantes dedicated to the Arab (Lebanese and Syrian), Chinese and Portuguese cuisines.

At the end of day, after finishing the ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting's sessions, the best time for enjoying the city's cuisine bigins, at dinner. The majority of resturants work from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., but there are also many places working during the night.


With more than 12,000 options, choosing a good restaurant in São Paulo can not be a trivial task. To guide this choice, it is recommended to use sites that publish annual assessment of the city's restaurants. You can find vegetarian options, vegan, gluten free, etc.

On the "Folha-uol" website (in Portuguese) it is possible to search by area of the city, price, type of cuisine, opening times and amount of stars:

Check also the assessments made by Veja São Paulo (in Portuguese):

A quick research website for restaurants by region, price etc., is Timeout (in English):

Sugestions of Restaurants

The list below is a sample of some good addresses, in alphabetical order of four different price ranges (from the cheapest to most expensive) in the neighborhoods of the hotels listed for conference participants: Cerqueira Cesar and Consolação (at the area known as Jardins), Pinheiros and Vila Madalena. Several of them have other addresses in the city. It is recommended to book beforehand to avoid queues.

$ Pita. Arab cuisine.
282 Franscisco Leitão Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 3774-1790

$ Sujinho. Bohemian refuge in the 1960s, famous today because of its grilled dishes. The restaurant has a bar atmosphere.

2063 Consolação Street, Consolação. Phone: 11 3231-5487

$ Taquería La Sabrosa. Different tacos in an informal setting.
1474 Augusta Street, Consolação. 
Phone: 11 2925-6189

$ Tan Tan Noodle Bar. Disputed noodle house, to the sound of rock music.
153 Fradique Coutinho Street, Vila Madalena. 
Phone: 11 2373-3587

$ Jojo Ramen. Specialized in ramen, the Japanese soup dish.
Rua Dr. Rafael de Barros, 262, Paraíso. Tel: 11 3262-1654

$$ Almanara. High quality Arab cuisine, traditional in São Paulo.
523 Oscar Freire Street, Cerqueira César. 
Phone: 11 3085-6916

$$ Bráz. Pizzeria elected the best in the city for several times.
271 Vupabussu Street, Pinheiros. 
Phone: 11 3037-7975

$$ Carlos. Considered one of the best pizzerias in the city, very cosy.
501 Harmonia Street, Vila Madalena. 
Phone: 11 3813-2017

$$ Consulado mineiro. Traditional cuisine from Minas Gerais.
74 Benedito Calixto Square, Pinheiros. 
Phone: 11 3088-6055

$$ Martín Fierro. Argentine typical cuts of meat, preceded by tyoical pastry..
683 Aspicuelta Street, Vila Madalena. 
Phone: 11 3814-6747

$$ Pasquale. Several appetizers and recipes inspired in Southern Italy.
66 Girassol Street, Vila Madalena. Phone: 11 3081-0333

Tordesilhas. Menu of restaurantes located in Brazilian North-East shores, with a little touch of a cuisine typical of Minas Gerais or of São Paulo's countryside.
489 Tietê Promenade, Cerqueira César. 
Phone: 11 3107-7444

$$$ Buttina. Italian cuisine in a yard full of jaboticaba trees
976 João Moura Street, Pinheiros. 
Phone: 11 3083-5991

$$$ Lellis Tratoria. Traditional Italian canteen.
1849 Bela Cintra Street, Consolação. 
Phone: 11 3064-2727

$$$ Oui. Recent bistro, places its bets on classic recipes with an original touch.
71 Vupabussu Street, Pinheiros. 
Phone: 11 3360-4491

Arturito. Values the origin of the food, cooked in wood-fired oven.
542 Artur Azevedo Street, Pinheiros. 
Phone: 11 3063-4951

$$$$ Capim Santo. National ingredients with French techniques, rustic-chic environment in a yard with coconut trees.
471 Ministro Rocha Azevedo, Street, 
Cerqueira CésarPhone: 11 3089-9500

$$$$ Figueira Rubayat. Tender meats in exquisite environment under a leafy centennial tree.
1738 Haddock Lobo Street, Cerqueira César. 
Phone: 11 3087-1399

Dom. It has been some years since it is showing in the top 10 of "World's 50 best restaurants" and it has two stars on the Michelin guide. The cost is worthy.
549 Barão de Capanema Street,
Cerqueira CésarPhone: 11 3088-0761

$$$$$ Jun Sakamoto. Serves eight persons per night in a tasting counter. It is known for the precion in details of their creations.
55 Lisboa Street, 
Cerqueira CésarPhone: 11 3088-6019

$$$$$ Mani. Brazilian contemporary cuisine in an informal setting, has balance on the menu-environment-service tripod, joined the list of the World's 50 best restaurants.
Rua Joaquim Antunes, 210, Pinheiros. 
Phone: 11 3085-4148

Cafés and company 

Sao Paulo also offers a wide range of light meals services in cafes, bakeries, burger houses, sandwich-bars, street-markets, candy houses and ice cream parlors.


Coffee cultivation was introduced in Brazil in the early eighteenth century, in the State of Pará. It has become the largest world producer in the mid-nineteenth century, boosting the country's economy in the so-called "Coffee-Cycle", from 1800 to 1930. Although it suffered the impact of the 1929 crisis and competitiveness with other production centers, coffee is still an important export product of Brazil and accounts for a third of world production.

The country is seeking to increase its international market by offering special Coffea arabica beans, grown especially in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Bahia. This gourmet coffee can be enjoyed in several addresses throughout São Paulo.

Coffee Lab. In order to taste different flavors.
1340 Fradique Coutinho Street, Vila Madalena. Phone: 11 3375-7400

Santo Grão. Blends of different Brazilian producer regions.
413 Oscar Freire Street, Jardins. Phone: 11 3082-9969

Café Suplicy. Atisanal roasts from different producing farms.
1430 Lorena Promanade, Jardins. Phone: 11 3083-0666


São Paulo is the land of bakeries (popuarly called "padocas", short for "padarias"). They get crowded for breakfast, whose basic menu is made by orange juice (natural, of course), toasted bread (French bread with butter - not margarine - toasted), warm cheese bun and a cup of coffee with milk. Bakeries are a good reference for snacks at any time of day with different kinds of pastry, sweets and even refreshments. And they also sell bread, of course.

Nowadays, there are gourmet bakeries, suggested below, but any bakery in Jardins, Pinheiros and Vila Madalena is worthy a visit.

Padoca do Maní. Younger sister of the premiated Mani restaurant. Healthy foods in an informal environment. 
Rua Joaquim Antunes, 138, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 2574-2410

Bella Paulista. Aways crwoded, works 24/7
354 Haddock Lobo Street, Cerqueira César. Phone: 11 3214-3347

Le Pain Quotidien. Belgian chain, with other addresses in the city.
138 Wizard Street, Vila Madalena. Phone: 11 3031-6977

Burguer Houses

Aé Sagarana. Great juicy meat.
268 Aspicuelta Street, Vila Madalena. Phone: 11 2768-2004

Bullguer. Hamburguer made with Black Angus meat.
1136 Fradique Coutinho Street, Vila Madalena. Phone: 11 3360-4703

Meats. Original creations. Arrive early to avoid queues.
320 Pinheiros Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 2679-6323

Z Deli. Arrive early or don't think about the queue and order a drink.
16 Francisco Leitão Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 2305-2200


Fast Berlin. German small foods.
24 Mourato Coelho Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 3064-4652

La Vera Porchetta. Sandwich with an Italian inspiration.
315 Cristiano Viana
Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 3082-8228

Town Sandwich Co
. Manu with pleasant surprises.
445, Doutor Melo Alves Street, Cerqueira César. Phone: 11 3062-6757

Pastry in São Paulo

São Paulo is the land of a Brazilian pastry called "coxinha" (a fried dough stuffed with shredded chicken), but it also has delicacies that were introduced in the local cuisine, such as pastels and cheese buns. 

Chiken "coxinha"

"Coxinha" is a fried pastry,

A coxinha é um salgado frito, whose traditional recipe is prepared with wheat flour and chicken broth, which involves filling made with shredded
and well tempered chicken meat . The recipes vary with potato or tapioca dough and different types of filling. It seems to have been developed during the industrialization of São Paulo in the nineteenth century, as a cheaper substitute for chicken thighs that were sold at the gates of the factories.

An urban legend about "coxinha" involves the establishment of two types of people in the world: those who start eating it by the tip and those who start eating the thickest part, revealing some personality traits.

Besides, "coxinha became a term used in slang to a "tidy", "prissy" person, formerly called "mauricinho" (Little Maurice). Since the demonstrations of June 2013, the slang gained political connotations and it has become used to designate right behaviors, as opposed to the left, the "petralhas" (pun on the name "PT", abbreviation for the Workers Party, that reminds the name in Portugues for Disney's Beagle Boys, "irmãos metralha").

Pastel and sugar cane juice

There is controversy about the origin of the Brazilian pastel recipe. It can be traced in the spring-rolls of the Chinese cuisine or in the Jiaozi of the Japanese cuisine. It is similar to the  "empanadas" of Spanish-speaking countries.

pastel de feira
Street-market stand selling pastels

What is not in discussion, in town, is that the best pastels are those sold in the street-market. And accompanied by a good glass of sugar cane juice (or "garapa", the liquid extracted of the sugar cane after grinding it). The delicacy is found at the stands nerby the entrances of the street markets, commerce speciallized in selling fruits and vegetables in the city since mid-seventeeth century. The street markets are regularized and supervised by the City Hall and the addresses, days, and city regions where they can be found can be consulted here (in Portuguese).

Cheese bun

Original from the cuisine of Minas Gerais, the cheese bun is popular all over Brazil. Although it is called "bun", it is more like a bicuit made with tapioca flour, eggs, salt, vegetable oil and cheese. The best cheese bun is served warm, as soon as it comes out of the oven. It is sold in bakeries and cafés.

Candy houses

"Brigadeiro" is a sweet typical of Brazilian cuisine, very common all over the country. It is served on birthday parties, and specially a must-have in children's parties. It is made with condensed milk, chocolate powder, butter and granulated chocolate as cover.

Classic "brigadeiro"

Alice Quindins. With the Portuguese quindims, house stars, the "brigadeiro"
1040 Con. Eugênio Leite Street, Cerqueira César. Phone: 11 3815-1069

Big Bang Candy Lab. Laboratory of candies, innovative recipes.
495 Artur de Azevedo Street, Cerqueira César. Phone: 3062-8192

Brigadeiro doceria & café.  Serves much more than "brigadeiros".
91 Padre Carvalho Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 3813-6656

Confeitaria Dama. Beaty and qorkmanship on cakes.
376 Ferreira Araújo Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 5182-5088

Maria Brigadeiro. Gourmet recipes.
68 Capote Valente Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 3087-3687

Sonheria Dulca. Esclusive dedication to berliners.
2203 Bela Cintra Street, Consolação. Phone: 11 2613-4412

Ice Cream Parlors

Bacio di Latte. the Italian gelato, in several addresses all around the city including malls and airports.
337 Harmonia Street, Vila Madalena. Phone: 11 3034-4664

Diletto. It has fridges spread over outsourced selling establishments.
3338 Consolação Street, Cerqueira César. Phone: 11 2626-1922

Frida e Mina. 16 artisanal recipes, prepared at the place
1147 Arthur de Azevedo Street, Pinheiros. Phone: 11 2579-1444

Stuzzi. Italian gelato.
450 Paulistânia Street, Vila Madalena. Phone: 3816-0279

ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting   
International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)   
Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia (ABFHiB)   
São Paulo, Brazil, 16 to 21 July, 2017   

São Paulo, Brazil
16 to 21 July, 2017

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