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ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting

Enjoy São Paulo


Economic center of the country, São Paulo offers the widest range of consumption options. Here are some suggestions of shopping malls (in Brazil, they are called "Shopping Centers"), antiquity fairs, gastronomic fairs and thematic streets in the city.

Be sure to read the safety hints at the end of this page.


As those born in Rio de Janeiro city say, São Paulo citizens' beach is the shopping mall! And São Paulo has more than 50 malls with different sizes and styles. Usually, they present different item shopping establishments, represented specifically by national and international clothing and footwear brands.There are also establishments to provide services and leisure, with restaurants, cinema, theater and playground.

Working hours: All malls in São Paulo work following this timetable:

Mondays to Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Sundays and Holidays: 2:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Here are some suggestions of mall close to the university of São Paulo.

Eldorado Mall

Shopping Eldorado

Address: 3970 Rebouças Avenue.

Directions: Rebouças Avenue is a venue of intense bus traffic and several bus lines pass by Eusébio Matoso Avenue, at the side of the mall, where there is a bus stop with a walkway specially built to make access to the mall easier. It is also possible to arrive by the Line 9-Emerald of the train service (CPTM). In this case, it is necessary to get off at Hebraica-Rebouças Station and the mall will be at a short walking distance.

Villa Lobos Mall

Shopping Villa Lobos

Address:4777 Nações Unidas Avenue.

Directions: This mall is exactly in front of the University of São Pualo, at the other side of Pinheiros River, between Villa Lobos-Jaguaré and Cidade Universitária stations of the Line 9-Emerald of the train service (CPTM). The access however, is only easy by car, what makes it necessary for you to take a taxi.

Iguatemi Mall

Shopping Iguatemi

Address: 2232 Brigaderio Faria Lima avenue.

Directions: Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue is another avenue that counts with an intense bus traffic and is served by several bus lines that pass by the mall. Those who are going by subway can get off at Faria Lima station, at the Line 4-Yellow, where it is possible to take a bus or take a 15-minutes walk to the mall.

Attention: take care not to confuse thi mall with the JK Iguatemi Mall (more far away from the University)


feira Antiguidades

At the free gap at the São Paulo Arts Museum (MASP), there is a traditional antiquities fair where silverware, dishware, books, coins, jewery, and arts, overall, are commercialized. The fair takes place on Suandays, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Address: 1578 Paulista Avenue.

Directions: Using the green line of the subway, get off at Trianon-Masp station.


feira Benedito Calixto

At Benedito Calixt Square, in Pinheiros, there is an antiquity fair where lots of different products are sold, from works of art to semi-new clothes, vinil discs, dishware, and even forniture and decorative objcts. Around the fair there are several options of restaurants and street food, besides general and speciallized commerce, as the commeerce of musical instruments on Teodoro Sampaio Street. This fair takes place on Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Address: (no number) Benedito Calixto Square, Pinheiros.

Directions: Use the green line of the subway, get off at the Clínicas station and walk down the Teodoro Sampaio Street until you arrive at the Benedito Calixto Square (1.2 km).


Several bookstores can be found in any mall, but, if your intention is to take advantage of the São Paulo's integrated subway, train and bus lines to explore the city, it is worthy for you to take a chance and visit "Livraria Cultura" (Culture Bookstore), located at 2073 Paulista Avenue.

Livraria Cultura

The Boostore is the biggest in town and, possibly, the one with more variety of books in English to offer. Located inside the commercial business center called "Conjunto Nacional" (National Group), the bookstore spreads in three separated stores: one with the "arts" thematics, another with the "geek" thematics (withcomic books and games besides books), and the general bookstore with three floors, several departments, and a café.

The "Conjunto Nacional" building also has restaurants, other stores, and a theater besides the bookstore, beeing enough for you to program a whole tour. However, those who still want to make some more shopping may take a walk at the "Center 3" mall, at the other side of the stree, or still walk by the galleries on Paulista Avenue.


Not getting enough with the amount of shopping malls, São Paulo has speciallized commercial streets, where it is possible to comprar prices and same-type product brands. Here are some of these addresses, according to the type of produt:

Antiquary - Cardeal Arcoverde Street, in Pinheiros, and Praça Dom Orione, in Bela Vista.

Leather artigues - Arouche Street, República

Hats, Caps and alike - Quintino Bocaiúva Street, in Sé, and Seminário Street, in República

Rare Discs - Vinte e Quatro de Maio Street and Sete de Maio Street, both in República

Internacionais clothing - Oscar Freire Street, Jardim Paulista

Clothing - José Paulino Street, Luz

Street commercial center - Vinte e Cinco de Março Street, Center

Musica Instruments - General Osório Street and Seminário Street, in República; and  Teodoro Sampaio Street, in Pinheiros

North and North-East Brazilia typical products - Paulo Afonso Street, Brás

Wester Products Orientais and Liberdade's Fair - Galvão Bueno Street and Cidade de Osaka Street, in Liberdade. On Saturdays and Sundays, at Liberdade Square, there is tje Liberdade's fair, with Western products and typical Western cuisine.


The shopping malls are quite safe, having their own security services.

At the fairs and themed streets of the city, however, as they are characterized by the intense flux of people, it is necessary to redouble attention. Remenber the safety hints tha must be followed in any big city.

If you are transporting photographic equipment or computers, keep it inside discreet bags or backpacks. At the times when transportation is fuller of people, bags and bacpacks should be kept in fronto of the body. At all the time, stay alert to your belongings, specially wallets, purses and cellphones, that must never be kept in a trousers' behind pocket.

HINTS of military police for dealing with robbers

1. In case of robbery, do not react. Always believe that the robber's gun is real and is loaded. Avoid making sudden gestures that may be confused with a reaction on your part.

2. Try to dialogue as cordially as possible with the robber, in order to calm the situation. Generally, robbers are more nervous than the victims.

3. If there is no reaction, the chances of violence against the victim are small. Thus, do not despair.

4. As soon as the robber leave the place, warn the Military Police, dial 190 as soon as you can, reporting the occurred and the robber's features. 

ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting   
International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)   
Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia (ABFHiB)   
São Paulo, Brazil, 16 to 21 July, 2017   

São Paulo, Brazil
16 to 21 July, 2017

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