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ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting

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This page provides an overview of the ISHPSSB & ABFHIB 2017 Meeting site. All links can also be reached using the left hand menu.  

Notice that the main structure of this conference site follows the chronological needs of the participants. The first set of pages will be useful from the very start; the following ones, at different times, up to the meeting (and afterwards, if you are going to visit some touristic places).


1. General information - introducing the conference

1.1. What is new? - updates about the conference

1.2. Conference location - general information about Brazil, São Paulo and the University of São Paulo, where the meeting will occur

1.3. Deadlines - main dates, and a checklist for organizing your participation

1.4. Conference structure - activities that will happen during the meeting; subject of the conference

1.5. Previous conferences - information about former meetings organized by the ISHPSSB and by ABFHiB

1.6. Committees - people in charge of the conference, and main ISHPSSB committees

1.7. Organizers and sponsors - information about the two societies that are organizing the meeting (ISHPSSB & ABFHiB), and about the main sponsors

1.8. Brazilian HPSS societies - short notice about Brazilian societies of history, philosophy and sociology of science


2. Submission of papers - general information about ways of participating in the conference

2.1. Checklist - the steps each person should take, for participating in the meeting

2.2. Pre-registration - the form that should be filled by all people participating in the congress

2.3. Themes and topics - a classified list of topics that should be taken into account when submitting a contribution

2.4. Organized session - information about how you can propose a session with several participants

2.5. Individual oral paper - information about the procedure for submitting a paper to be read at the conference

2.6. Individual poster - information about the procedure for submitting a poster


3. Conference board - page where participants publicize their proposals of open organized sessions, inviting other people to join them


4. Registration and payment - information for both participants (those who will present papers) and visitors (those who will attend the meeting but will not present papers)

4.1. Accepted participants - registration and payment of those who had their contributions accepted

4.2. Visitors - registration and payment for attending the meeting withouth presenting papers

4.3. Conference dinner - optional participation

4.4. Conference shop - ordering the congress book, calendars, T-shirts, mugs, etc.

4.5. Shuttle service - daily optional paid transportation service from selected hotels to the conference

4.6. Student travel support - provided by the ISHPSSB


5. Planning your trip - suggestions that may help you planning a nice trip to Brazil 

5.1. Travel hints - useful information about travelling to Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) and in Brazil

5.2. Visa - requirements for obtaining a Visa (if necessary) for your trip to Brazil

5.3. Safety and health - some practical suggestions

5.4. Money - Brazilian money and credit card use

5.5. Accomodation - hotels and hostels in São Paulo

5.6. Food - some information about Brazilian food, for first time visitors

5.7. Transportation - moving around in São Paulo

5.8. Tourism - some information for those who would like to visit touristic places in Brazil

5.8b. Tourism packages - offered by travel agencies

5.9. Weather - temperature and rain in São Paulo

5.10. Your luggage - Brazilian customs, electricity, cell phone, etc.

5.11. Language - the official language at the conference is English, but you may be willing to learn some Portuguese

5.12. Behavior - becoming acquainted with Brazilian people


6. Your presentation - general help for preparing to present your paper

6.1. Oral presentation tips - suggestions for an effective presentation 

6.2. Time limits - rules about the timing of oral presentations

6.3. Equipment - what will be available at the conference rooms

6.4. Poster presentation tips - suggestions for an effective poster

6.5. Full paper - instructions about uploading the full version of your paper (optional)


7. Conference program - general structure, timetable

7.1. Reception - place and time for reception at the meeting secretariat

7.2. Welcome cocktail - place and time information 

7.3. Plenary sessions - plenary talks, business meeting, etc.

7.4. Detailed program - information about all sessions and papers

7.5. Conference dinner - place and time information

7.6. Cultural activities - visits and activities offered by the local Organizing Committee


8. Arriving to Brazil - airport, immigration, customs, etc.

8.1. Airport information - about the main Brazilian airports in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

8.2. Customs - arrival procedures, forms, etc.

8.3. Inside São Paulo - transportation from the São Paulo airport to hotels, hostels and to the University of São Paulo

8.4. Consulates and police - useful information, just in case you need it


9. During the conference - information you will need at the time of the meeting

9.1. Transportation - how can you arrive from your hotel or hostel to the University of São Paulo and return (subway, bus, taxi, shuttle service)

9.2. Conference venue - practical information about the University of São Paulo and especially about the Institute of Biosciences: maps, rooms, restaurant, etc.

9.3. Wifi - how can you connect to the wireless network of the Institute of Biosciences

9.4. Social media - information and links to Twitter and Facebook, which will spread news during the meeting

9.5. Your presentation - a reminder about the presentation of talks and posters

9.6. Daily news - a web page containing information for each day of the meeting, together with photos and news

9.7. Coffee breaks - information about place and times

9.8. Restaurants and cafés - where and when can you eat during the conference; prices, types of food

9.9. Emergency contact - telephone numbers you can use during the conference, in case you need urgent help


10. Enjoy São Paulo - activities you can do in São Paulo city, before, during and after the conference

10.1. São Paulo transportation - general information about transportation in the city of São Paulo (subway, bus, taxi)

10.2. Cafés and restaurants - some suggestions of places you might enjoy in São Paulo

10.3. Night life - in São Paulo city

10.4. Shopping - some suggestions about shopping in São Paulo

10.5. Cultural activities - museums, dance, theatre, music and other activities in São Paulo 

10.6. Parks - nice places you can visit in São Paulo or very close to the city


11. Sitemap - this page


12. Contact us - e-mail addresses and emergency telephone numbers

ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting   
International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)   
Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia (ABFHiB)   
São Paulo, Brazil, 16 to 21 July, 2017   

São Paulo, Brazil
16 to 21 July, 2017

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