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ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting

Plan your trip

Travel hints

You should plan how to arrive to São Paulo, and how to travel to Rio de Janeiro and/or other places you would like to visit, in Brazil.

Individuals who will participate in both the 2017 Meeting of the International Society for History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (São Paulo, 16 to 21 July, 2017) and the 25th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine (Rio de Janeiro, 23 to 29 July 2017), might consider the possibility of arriving to Brazil by São Paulo, and leaving Brazil by Rio de Janeiro. However, one should be careful because the fares might be higher when the passenger arrives to and leaves from different airports. 

Flights from all over the world arrive at the International Airport of São Paulo, in Guarulhos (airport code GRU). For domestic flights (from and to Brazilian cities) there is another airport in São Paulo, named Congonhas Airport (code CGH).

In Rio de Janeiro, there is also a large International Airport “Antonio Carlos Jobim”, also called Galeão Airport (airport code GIG); and a domestic airport, called “Santos Dumont” (code SDU).

It is convenient to buy your flight tickets several months in advance, to get cheaper fares. There are many sites where you can compare the fares of several different companies. Some people advice passengers to use an anonymous browser window when checking flight prices; and it is said that Tuesday is the best day for finding nice discounts. The fares for travelling during weekends is usually higher than for other days; Tuesday to Thursday have usually the lowest fares.

For travel inside Brazil, no train passenger transportation is available. For short distances, up to a few hundred kilometers, Brazilian buses (or coaches) are fairly comfortable and cheap. For longer distances, one should choose flights. Air tickets between São Paulo and the major Brazilian cities are usually cheap – but they should be booked several weeks or months in advance.

A bus will take about 6 hours from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and it will cost between R$80 and R$180 (Brazilian reais), depending on the chosen comfort level; a flight will take about 45 minutes and may cost R$120 (Brazilian reais), if it is booked several weeks in advance.

If you plan visiting other cities in Brazil, it is usually cheaper and easier to book a travel package including both flights and hotel. See information about Tourism.

Remember that Brazil is a large country. Depending on your tourism choices, your trip might be very expensive, strenuous and time consuming. A direct flight from São Paulo to Manaus (in the Amazon) takes about 4 hours (the distance is 2,700 km) and may cost about two hundred dollars.

If you plan to travel extensively in Brazil, you might be interested in buying an Air Pass. Notice that it can only be bought before you arrive to Brazil.

Air Pass - Gol Airlines
Air Pass - Azul Airlines

Choose wisely and book your tourism packages before deciding the dates when you are travelling to Brazil and returning to your country.

ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting   
International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)   
Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia (ABFHiB)   
São Paulo, Brazil, 16 to 21 July, 2017   

São Paulo, Brazil
16 to 21 July, 2017

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