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ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting

Your Presentation

Time limits

The conference organization requires a strict compliance to the time schedule. All speakers should present their papers in 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for discussion. Out of respect for the public and the other speakers, we ask you to observe the time limits, beginning and finishing your presentation in good time.

All conference sessions will have the same time limit: exactly 90 minutes. There will be many parallel sessions, and only if the time schedule is rigorously followed, the participants will be able to move from one session to another without losing part of the talks they would like to hear. For the same reason, the exact order of presentation of papers in each session as described in the final program of the conference (available online on June 10th 2017) cannot be changed.

At another page of this website we informed you that Brazilians are extremely casual about time and that being ten to fifteen minutes late in business is “normal”, and twenty to thirty minutes late is not unusual. Well, that does not apply to this conference.

Notice that this meeting engages a few hundred people and it can only be successful if there is an individual effort to think about the collective interests. For that reason, we summon you to do your best to follow some simple rules:

* Check the compatibility of your presentation with the equipment available at the conference venue in advance (preferably one or two days in advance). If there is any problem, it cannot be solved on the spot (at the very time of your presentation). However, if you let us know that there is some problem in due time (one day before your presentation), the problem can be fixed.

* If you are going to have any active participation at a specific session (chair, speaker, etc.), be at the appointed room at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the session. Of course, this means that you should be aware of the assigned room and its location, well in advance of your session.

* Yes, we know that lunch time and coffee breaks are wonderful occasions for talking. But we beg you to be punctual, please.

* Having arrived to the room where your session will take place, we ask you to immediately transfer your presentation to the available computer (see Equipment), please. This will ensure that there will be no additional delays when you are called to present your talk. Also, make sure to label your presentation with a file name that will allow you to recognize it among several others at the conference computer. Calling it “presentation.pptx” our “ISHPSSB-2017.pptx” will not be helpful. “Smith-Daniel-ISHPSSB-2017.ppt” will be much better.

* The session chairs will be asked to put into effect the strict time schedule: 20 minutes (at most) for each presentation; 10 minutes for discussion; never more than 30 minutes for each paper. The chair will notify the speaker when 15 minutes of her/his time has already elapsed and only 5 additional minutes are available. At this moment, the speaker should decide if it is possible to complete the full presentation in time, or if she/he should abbreviate it. The chair will also notify the speaker when only 1 additional minute is available. At this time, the speaker MUST jump to her/his final comments and conclusion.

* The time for discussion is 10 minutes. Several people may be willing to comment the paper or to ask questions. Both the speaker and the persons asking questions should be aware of the time limits. Questions and comments, as well as their answers, should be short. Obviously, lunch time and coffee-breaks are the best occasions to carry on longer discussions. 

* Even in case there are no questions or comments and the discussion is over before the assigned time, the next speaker should wait for the assigned time of her/his speech. Also, if some speaker does not come out at her/his assigned time, the next speaker should wait for her/his allotted time. Otherwise, people who would like to attend to you specific paper and who are moving from one room to another will be unable to hear you.

ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting   
International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)   
Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia (ABFHiB)   
São Paulo, Brazil, 16 to 21 July, 2017   

São Paulo, Brazil
16 to 21 July, 2017

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