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ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting

Arriving to Brazil

Flying to São Paulo

Brazil is very well connected by air to South America, North America, and Europe. There are also an increasing number of flights and connections across Asia, Africa, and the Gulf states.

International flights - São Paulo

The major airlines with international flights to Brazil include Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Canada, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Iberia, Japan Airlines, KLM, LAN Chile, Lufthansa, South African Airways, SAS, TAP Air Portugal and United Airlines. Some Brazilian airlines also have international flights: Gol, LATAM (formerly called TAM), Azul.

There are several international airports in Brazil. The two most important ones are the São Paulo International Airport (Guarulhos, airport code GRU) and the Rio de Janeiro International Airport (Galeão, airport code GIG). The distance between the two airports is 220 miles (353 km).ão_Paulo–Guarulhos_International_Airport–Galeão_International_Airport

São Paulo and Rio also have smaller airports closer to the city centers that are used for the air-shuttle between the two cities and a number of other short haul regional services. They are Congonhas (CGH) in São Paulo and Santos Dumont (SDU) in Rio.

Flight São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

If you are coming to Brazil exclusively for taking part in the ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting, you should arrive via the São Paulo international airport (Guarulhos, airport code GRU). For that reason, this site provides detailed information about that airport.
If you choose to arrive to Brazil via another international airport (for instance: Rio de Janeiro), you may fly from that airport either to the São Paulo international airport in Guarulhos, or to the São Paulo domestic airport called Congonhas (airport code CGH).ão_Paulo–Congonhas_Airport

Individuals who will participate in both the 2017 Meeting of the International Society for History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (São Paulo, 16 to 21 July, 2017) and the 25th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine (Rio de Janeiro, 23 to 29 July 2017) might consider the possibility of arriving to Brazil by São Paulo, and leaving Brazil by Rio de Janeiro. However, one should be careful because the fares might be higher when the passenger arrives to and leaves from different airports.  

Flight time from Europe to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is just over eleven hours depending on your starting point. Flight time is eight and a half hours from Miami to São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, just over nine from New York, eleven from Atlanta, thirteen from Los Angeles and sixteen from San Francisco. The vast majority of those flights to Brazil are overnight flights that arrive in the early morning in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. The return flights leave Brazil late afternoon or evening.

If you plan to travel extensively in Brazil, you might be interested in buying an Air Pass. Notice that it can only be bought before you arrive to Brazil.
Air Pass - Gol Airlines
Air Pass - Azul Airlines

Additional information about your arrival to Brazil is presented in the following separate complementary pages:

Airport information – especially about the São Paulo International Airport (Guarulhos, airport code GRU)

Customs and immigration – the Brazilian legal procedures at the airport, when you arrive to the country

In São Paulo – how can you go from the São Paulo international airport to your accomodations

Consulates and police – how can you contact the authorities of your country and the Brazilian tourist police, in case you need help

ISHPSSB & ABFHiB 2017 Meeting   
International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)   
Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia (ABFHiB)   
São Paulo, Brazil, 16 to 21 July, 2017   

São Paulo, Brazil
16 to 21 July, 2017

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